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CIM = Come-In-Mouth + AR = Arse/Ass Rimming 69 + LTR + GFE + COB+ DFK + FJ + Kissing +BBBJ +Massage +Oral sex + Toys. + Painting. +Bathing,& etc…

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Open daily from 7 am to night 4am. every day






+65 9395-2930,+659120-1998


About GS.7

💖💖 I am full looks, excellent style, invitation🎈🎈 PRICE DAMAGE $120/1 shot /45 min $160/2 shot /90min (CIM Come-In-Mouth) Overnight: $400/3 /7 Hrs (Inclusive Of Condom & Room) Out call plus $ 100 From price tag. & $50 taxi fares if you refuse.

Comments and Reviews

losoosoo Clock 22/09/2017

By Toe I am stressed from work. So I booked her for satisfaction, of course, she is excellent. And she's got a great service. I'm happy to use her. Thank you very much. Look:Pretty girl 8.7/10 Body:Perfect Boob:Nice & so big for me she 9/10 Ass:Nice Skin smooth Service:For me she make it so good Cim: Nice 8/10 Bbbj:good am very happy for me 8.5/10 Kissing:Yes so sweet she good Room:Clean 10/10 Hotel:Safe10/10

losoosoo Clock 22/09/2017

By Stephenson Overall, I expect Be my angel of loneliness You are my fucking for tonight You look so horny When you come to me with the magic of your love, she has many fantasies and options. Depan then explodes with hot water followed by Cold bombs lick my nipple, sucking my didi ......... scrupppppp So put on my hat and bj she is amazing She can suck it very hard u can feel her tongue and soft bite that I like and the best part is she will try to deep throat and lick balls. 7/10 good and curvy body Boobs 7/10 jus Well not too big BBBJ 8/10 Slurp Slurp Looks: 7/10 Very cute Body: 7/10 with curves

losoosoo Clock 20/09/2017

By Charlie She values her ability, she is very good massage. I feel so relaxed and warm, so happy to be with you. Look:Beautiful 8.7/10 booking: to fast i love don't wait long time Friendly:Yes so much 10/10 i like that Body:Nice have body so sexy 8.8/10 Boob:Big & nice 8/10 Ass:big skin smooth 10/10 cim:make it so good 8.8/10 Bbbj:Yes Perfect Hotel:very good hotel safe time for

losoosoo Clock 18/09/2017

By popkgm In my lonely night in the country, I booked her and then I went to her. Excellent, it's cool, I'm impressed with her so much, she feels good, she treats me with her intentions, I like her so much. Look:good 8/10 cute Friendly:Yes to much 10/10 Body: 8/10 Boobs: 8/10 Good to touch and lick soft GFE: 9 5/10 very easy BBJ 7/10 normal

losoosoo Clock 18/09/2017

By Ahkl the rooms provide are not too bad. Service was, I guess, a standard at such places, good BBBJ. She molest my little bro and my nipple more Sucking it slowly and with a ‘pip popping’ sound and very sensual Look: 7/10 (Cute photo gallery) Body: 7/10 (very skinny) boobs : 7.5/10 (nice shape, firm) BBBJ: 8/10 (deep throat) FJ: 7.5/10 (sound is good) GFE: 10/10 (willing to serve very chatty)

newbbbj Clock 16/09/2017

By Youri It's a pretty basic person, overall it's a good experience. Four shots in five hours before I send her back to her house. Just wake up in fact from experience. She definitely has cleaned her actions. A girl who is rare The excellent standard of living and you can cultivate a lot of fucking friends to screw your brain out without asking for anything in return. The big advantage here is that most of the girls AR: Yes Pussy: 7/10 clean .. tight Body Type: average BJ: oh yes, long time for many positions GFE: 8/10 She ended up feeling as I drove with her mouth, singing her fun after she hugged me tight and kissed me twice ...

Anonymous User Clock 15/09/2017

By Bab From Singapore i book her as ever. I trust their service. Because I was impressed after she served me. She creates a smile My impression is very much. I guarantee if you come here. You guys think And will yearn for them Thank you for the provision of women to be easy and convenient in this country. Body: 8/10 good sucker with thrilling sensation. Frenching: 8/10 good frenching skills and long term French permission BBBJ: 9/10 Very long, never get this kind of slurping FJ: 7/10, very friendly and nice co-worker, super friendly

losoosoo Clock 14/09/2017

By vevor I am a regular customer. Every time a woman comes to work. He will send a message to let me know. I decided to book her. This is still the same level of standards. I was very impressed. Never disappointed once thank you very much Looks: 8/10 Pretty much thai eyes and smile. Body: 8.5 / 10 Great little But bone curve BBBJ: 8/10 Need more advice But a very good Massage:Yes thai massage but no have oil FJ: 9/10 tight naturally lubricating pussy

losoosoo Clock 13/09/2017

By fgoo Walk to bed for some action. She was a little shy at first, covering her breasts, which was a very nice size. Slowly she started her cathbah which was so-so and proceeded. BJ asked if I wanted to use condoms. I chose to use condoms and she got her BJ with good sucking and deep throat sometimes. The last one and a half hours. It is true that good sex condemns it. Catbath: 7/10 Good tongue skills can improve. BBBJ: 7/10 good tongue skills lack of suction But the feeling is there can improve the FJ: 9/10 She can promise her vaginal muscles to grab your dick, GFF: 8.5 / 10 is quite accomodating and gives you a peck or two for a while.

losoosoo Clock 13/09/2017

By Winkler We recommend TAT to go watch some movies before heading for her licking n my warrior suck in a rain coat. I think girls can suck. But it was too short. She started with a cow girl back. Ride me with a long, deep n-stroke. I must say that this is one girl who can ride the starter, shake an instant and end up with less exciting work in her part. After I came in and pulled out, she still lay there with only the intention of cleaning me up or making me feel good about my important investments. AR: 9/10 allowed as long as gentle. BBBJ: 8/10 Past Cellent, Deepthroat, Gagging, Patting and Choking Frenching: 9/10 continuous with deep throat tongue inserted 69: Yeah, good shaved abalone for chewing. No smell too juicy

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