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BigloveNAME BB175










$ 160


AR - Licking Anal + BBBJ + Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal HJ (Hand job) + Finger Fuck + Kissing With Tongues + Lesbian DFK = Deep french + Toys + 69 sex style + Massage + CIM COB = Come-On-Body + FJ - Fuck + LTR = Long term Relationship

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About NAME BB175

(ღ Info: BB175ღ) πŸ’“πŸ’“ skin is very white and transparent like beautiful! Big tits on slender body πŸ’“πŸ’“.RATES DAMAGE $100/30 min/1 shots $160/90 min/2 shots Can made (CIM) $400/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots (Inclusive Of Room And Condom) RATES OUT CALL $200/30 min/1 shots $270/90 min/2 shots $500/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots Payment in advance $50 & If you cancel, $50 fee for outcall service SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Tuesdays - Thursdays Discount $10 Saturday - Sunday $20. Discount $20 Website,

Comments and Reviews

newbbbj Clock 11/06/2017

By necx girl licking and sucking and even swallowing of my whole balls. we went in to the room and attack her pussy gently. a shaft lick and repeated demands to hurry. finally FJ. I would say she really is a excellent service angel. Fuck me, I lay down on the bed as she sucked my cim along Good BBBJ. in the bath Look: 8/10 (she smile beautiful) Body:7.5/10 (some) Boobs: 6/10 (good) BBBJ: 8.5/10 (acceptable) FJ: 8.5/10 (Very nice experience. She looks good ) GFE: 10/10 (very along with me experience)

newbbbj Clock 11/06/2017

By Keipling When waking up And knowing that she is here to get me a shower and wait discretely, the towels around me sit on the edge of the bed. I heard muffled outside the door for a minute or two, sexy bbbj she gave to do that and wont take her eyes off you. She included her bbbj with a nice French kiss. So she is like climbing for you to kiss you and then climb down to do bbbj again. Then she covered me and started ridding me from the beginning. Catbath: 7/10 Fun but a little short for me. BJ: 8/10 Great! She will give me the best sexy look every now and then while licking and sucking dick. Gf: 9/10, the talkative girl quite treat her well, she will reprocicate a lot of hugs. And kiss Bbbj: 7/10 not bad fun with it

newbbbj Clock 10/06/2017

By Leonardo Thanks for all the advice and comments. Have a good look, especially her girlfriend who came out perfect attractiveness started licking ... ok. Alia had to continue to bed, have AR and switch to BBBJ by her strong tongue, with quite good. 5 minutes. She was about to move around my sucking dick from below and from the side. Excellent BBBJ. She shook her head, rejuvenated nipples. Next time maybe! Pussy Density: 7/10 tight Communication: 8/10 Fair English BBBJ: 6/10. Start in the shower and go for quite a while in bed. Frenching 9/10 passionate frenching integration

newbbbj Clock 08/04/2017

By Gundersen Pay you for advertising? You have to spend money to buy all these old accounts dormant. Apparently fucking Look wise, other women in her house look good, her clever girl, I think there are also a lot of big girls, she rhythm, I followed with licking long before she sucked my hair all the way down. Her sucking is perfect for smooth hair and feels like fucking pussy. Can talk to him about what the floor under the sky. He will explain all the details to you without any excuse if you need him to have that attitude. Ambiebnce- 8/10 Good, clean and luxurious, the look of the room. CIM 7/10 Yes Yes Yes Cathbath: 8.5 / 10 nail products to scratch my body gently kiss my body gently and followed by chest massage. It's not a professional, but it's fun. Service: 10/10 Completely like my girl friend Attitude: 8.5 / 10 plus, and all is not a time watcher.

newbbbj Clock 07/04/2017

By Quia Enjoy beings involved in the shooting. I do not know why But we are really close and it seems like those for a couple of years ago, even though we had just met for the first time, straddling me. The wonder was that she allowed CIM's when I almost told her that I will not need to pour into her mouth. She ignored me and kept sucking until I shed. What can I complain about this wonderful service. Skin: 6/10 fair and smooth BBBJ: 6/10 Remove the finger pressure on the shaft Didi CIM. Fj: 9/10 tight when you cum. GFE: 1/10 This is huge.

newbbbj Clock 06/04/2017

By Roger A lovely evening I was bored and restless, and I thought of putting myself to better use! She flipped me over for a BBBJ. It was actively sucking a strong and thin, deep throat. There are still teasing perineum, balls and thighs inside, and still teasing nipples and stomach so just toss the condom to her face and wear my clothes and walk out of the room when I open her door. It's still naked and few people will come through and notice her naked body. HAHAHAAHA BBBJ 7.5 / 10 after AR and teeny perineum Cathbath 7/10 slow and relaxed with mouth full of water to tease my back. FJ: 7/10 she said no. Other women will do it. GFE: 7/10 She's good at stealing your heart and she gave me lots of hugs and kisses I love a pair of eyes saying her

newbbbj Clock 04/04/2017

By Golf Thank you for recommending women to me. I was very impressed. She is very good service, I am happy, the hotel is very private, clean and safe. Service Speak/english:Yes Face:Cute Body:perfect Boob:nice Cim:good 8.5/10 Bbbj:happy Kissing:She so perfect

newbbbj Clock 27/03/2017

By Marchal The first impression, like all new experiences, I get bored easily pussy..its Good and warm shaved her by the way. Again, look at her long, long legs, cause extreme steam, and I almost came very stimulated, and AR sensed with the action of lotsa hands on my butt, perineum, scutom, and around my ass cracked at the moment. Where her ass lick my ass Fingering: 7/10 outside just very wet Hyun Joong: 7/10 Yes France: 7/10 Yes, draw! BJ: 8/10 long and deep

newbbbj Clock 25/03/2017

By Butterfly The heir that waited for me at the door I was attracted by her beauty. Kissing with her feelings like kissing with a girlfriend, I shifted from right to left and even sucked on her tits, which We are on tongue tongue and that makes us both horny. I still kissed her neck and ears, which now makes me very horny. I started pulling her t-shirt up and pulled. Her underwear would be so common that I would dine on her breast. Her girl was not big. But just good for me to suck it. Moan: 7/10 Sensual and she is shy to let it out loud .... CIM: 8.5 / 10, take all your cum in her mouth and still lick your little head. Hyunjoong: 8/10 Good Techniques Catbath: 8/10 licked from head to toe

newbbbj Clock 24/03/2017

By Saturn Well, all I have to say is that the place is still as comfortable as ever and looks great. She is kind of tall, sucking a titty okay ok, but her bbbj is really solid. Just amazing. Fucking will be totally mind blowing her screams. Missionary feet on doggy shoulders, cowgirl, spooning, seriously pumping her for almost half an hour and telling me she cummed more than once, we sweat a lot, and both were very tired at the end. Shape: 8.5 / 10, soft skin and no hourglass figure. Boobs 8/10 will rise and the job will not do as well as her chest is hard. Frenching: 8/10 will flex with you willingly. Attitude: 9.5 / 10

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