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$ 160


AR - Licking Anal + BBBJ + Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal HJ (Hand job) + Finger Fuck + Kissing With Tongues + Lesbian DFK = Deep french + Toys + 69 sex style + Massage + CIM COB = Come-On-Body + FJ - Fuck + LTR = Long term Relationship

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About NAME BB176

(ღ Info: BB176ღ) πŸ’“πŸ’“ Personality is also pretty! It is a very nice feeling because he always talks with a smiling face with a smile! πŸ’“πŸ’“.RATES DAMAGE $100/30 min/1 shots $160/90 min/2 shots Can made (CIM) $400/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots (Inclusive Of Room And Condom) RATES OUT CALL $200/30 min/1 shots $270/90 min/2 shots $500/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots Payment in advance $50 & If you cancel, $50 fee for outcall service SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Tuesdays - Thursdays Discount $10 Saturday - Sunday $20. Discount $20 Website,

Comments and Reviews

newbbbj Clock 22/07/2017

By Greuel The girls are quite humble and put in an effort to provide good quality service. I like most people who are experienced. The service was very good and never ran through you and took almost 1 1/2 hours while we took things very slowly for a few minutes. With a glove and it was a standard missionary afterwards, though she was quite tight and dry. She pushes me down the top and grinds again, breathing hard and grabing my head and hair with both hands. I look at her face and see her Cumming. So I pump from below her to refine with her crush and her ultimate with her. 6/10 face looks good and pretty compared to the other girls + have DFK yes a lot of tongue action. GFE: 9/10 FJ: 8/10 Very good, good sex Overall: 8/10 (very good) but a bit chattie

newbbbj Clock 21/07/2017

By Louis She is short, petite and fair. Service is cheap. Previously she worked in Macau and she told me many interesting stories that happened there. Just like how human beings have won a lot of money in casinos and used cash to wipe her pussy. We talked for quite some time until I looked at my watch. I tried this hidden gem the first time i saw her girl, she exploded under her dress. Inside the shower she gave me a very good breast massage. She squeezes her chest very hard, allowing tensions between tight my dick and my chest. Shiok makes me go to her bed before giving me a catbath. Her sensual tongue is out of the tingles. Pussy 7/10 Pussy looks good and looks appetizing ... Do not ask me why is it so much depends on my mood in that case. Pre 7/10 Shower on a regular basis Frenching: 7/10 lots of action; Before showering BBBJ: 8/10 Great sucker with lots of tongue action The girl who worked hard for me BBBJ very long

newbbbj Clock 20/07/2017

By cxpo I would say it would be perfect if it can continue much longer. Wailing loudly and wet slurping sound that filled the air, She was wet from the bed to the bathroom, undressed, then we are still in discussion as we have much to talk about. After that we are ready to go. Skin: 7/10 like a fair and smooth. FJ: 7/10 tight ass hole and she treated me like a king, as she did most of the effort. BBBJ: 9/10 Excellent BBBJ GFE: 6/10 Friendly

newbbbj Clock 13/07/2017

By Cyrus II of Persia What I can say is that she made up her positive attitude and willingness to be difficult to satisfy her clients, even if she is very tired. Good lick and won wail with different tune! She told me she wanted to give me a good BBBJ and I took her offer! But the BBBJ is hard for me to shed and I see that she's tired. I told her to continue in doggy style, because that's the fastest way I'll come. She was in position and after 5 minutes I came! Moaning: 7/10 moaning! Communication: 8/10 Basic English Pussy: 8.5 / 10 damn wet tight BBBj: 7.5 / 10 can improve But hard work

newbbbj Clock 12/07/2017

By Aki the rooms provide are not too bad. Service was, I guess, a standard at such places, good BBBJ. She molest my little bro and my nipple more Sucking it slowly and with a β€˜pip popping’ sound and very sensual and deep throat with some fast tempo in between and slow again. So ok with it. Overall. Face: 8/10 Sweet young pretty Body: 7/10 nice to touch and lick Boobs: 8/10 nice to touch and lick FJ: 9/10 cowgal, missionary, doggie BBBJ: 8/10 Slurrpy slurrp! GFE: 7/10 Yes, promise to had two more slot with her

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