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AJ + AR - Licking Anal + BBBJ + Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal HJ (Hand job) + Finger Fuck + Kissing With Tongues + Lesbian DFK = Deep french + Toys + 69 sex style + Massage + CIM COB = Come-On-Body + FJ - Fuck + LTR = Long term Relationship

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About NAME: BBB82

(ღ Info: BBB82ღ) ☆ ☆ A cute smile that seems to be at the moment I met!, ♪ RATES DAMAGE $100/30 min/1 shots $170/90 min/2 shots Can made (CIM) $400/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots (Inclusive Of Room And Condom) RATES OUT CALL $200/30 min/1 shots $270/90 min/2 shots $500/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots Payment in advance $50 & If you cancel, $50 fee for outcall service SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Tuesdays - Thursdays Discount $10 Saturday - Sunday $20. Discount $20 Website,

Comments and Reviews

newbbbj Clock 01/07/2017

By Saou After dinner I and my gallon decided to walk 1.5 km down to the next door as Thai bar to pack until I was not intereste to walk in eventually .. reach the wild rum destination! The new stable Enough to know their history They have recently made a comeback after missing from this scene for some time. They have undergone many changes here and there. It is good to see them back. France 8/10 France with her feel like a lover! Bbbj: She's really good n craft! No HJ involved! Thoroughly using her mouth! Deep throat! I feel in the cloud nine! Attitude; 8/10 full scores will make u feel comfortable: full FJ: 7/10 Did about 6-7 positions, including my 2 shots willing to do so GFE: 7/10 after 2 shots

newbbbj Clock 30/06/2017

By Osong This was the first time I got a BBBJ and let my mouth under the blanket know what would happen just to make me even horny. The next thing I knew was my pole was licked carefully for the first time at the base, then the shaft before the flickering at full speed my horse. I almost coughed when my whole length of didi was encompassed by a single gulp. I felt the tip of my dick with straining her throat muscles, she hurriedly covered me and I slowly inserted her inside slowly teasing her and seeing her expression. I want to control the tempo so that I do not get too far ahead. Her hands hug me tight and she uses them to speed me up. Wet Wet Wet Pussy Pussy Density: 7/10 tight Bbbj: 8/10 The girlfriend was not big of BBBJ, but she did not let her pass and BJ was good. France: 9/10 passionate, maybe coz this is not my 1st time with her lol

newbbbj Clock 25/06/2017

By SANBA When I arrived for us to eat together, I did not eat dinner. 20 minutes spent eating and getting to know someone else, breaking the ice in order to speak. I have tried many times, and I really do not feel any need to CIM, sucking a shot is pretty normal .. go in a tease little taste. Cup and end in missionary Fun creatures that participate in the second shot. Frenching: 9/10 good kisser and it's Body: 6/10 with buttocks, good content for dog style. Not a perfect shape, though. Boobs: 7/10 cups to B, good shape and pink nipples. Body: 9/10 real C-cupper papaya nipple Attitude: 10/10 Would like to add a point.

newbbbj Clock 24/06/2017

fr Name: BBB82 Age: 22 year Stats: 36C’24’35 Height: 165 CM 📞📞📞 🍒🍒!☆ A cute smile that seems to be at the moment I met! Hair white beautiful proportions on your skin ♪ I can not bear ♪ Polite and cheerful doubles with a bright character ♪ looks and the goodness of the heart Heals the tiredness of the day Yo ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪❤。

newbbbj Clock 20/04/2017

fr Name: BJ120 Age: 22 year Stats: 36D’24’35 Height: 166 CM 📞📞📞 🍒🍒!☆ cute! It is The super popular princess who prides ourselves with all looks and styles. This is premium! Beauty and style of the industry TOP class !! & Natural beauty Big tits are serious best! Beautiful shape with good shape, natural big bust pops out with plun and you can not mind seeing it. It’s a beautiful bravo with natural beauty while slender. It is exactly natural beauty big boobs beautiful ♪ face, skin, tits. Do not mistake me ☆ Please check in fact! It is! ☆ ★…!♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪❤。

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By Cedric Into the club, I see a lot of people hanging around to go up to the top floor of the hotel. This time she already gave me a kiss until I forget that I Kissed a ""special girl"" made BBBJ around her bed so automatically I knew she wanted me to serve and sex FR posting able to convince. I or other thing that is true, then I would humbly and publicly recant my previously made. Below follows: Shape: 7/10 taller than me and a perfect figure. Pussy: 7/10 most enticing pussy post I have ever seen. Skin: 7/10 fair and very smooth. FJ: Missionary 8/10 - Doggy - missionaries, ending with a deck chair. I also do not mind the strong FJ Dick soft.

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