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BigloveNAME: BBB83










$ 170


AR - Licking Anal + BBBJ + Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal HJ (Hand job) + Finger Fuck + Kissing With Tongues + Lesbian DFK = Deep french + Toys + 69 sex style + Massage + CIM COB = Come-On-Body + FJ - Fuck + LTR = Long term Relationship

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Morning ~ Night 4am








About NAME: BBB83

(ღ Info: BBB83ღ) 🍒🍒 Not only beautiful style, Your face is very beautiful!. 🍒🍒 RATES DAMAGE $100/30 min/1 shots $170/90 min/2 shots Can made (CIM) $400/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots (Inclusive Of Room And Condom) RATES OUT CALL $200/30 min/1 shots $270/90 min/2 shots $500/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots Payment in advance $50 & If you cancel, $50 fee for outcall service SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Tuesdays - Thursdays Discount $10 Saturday - Sunday $20. Discount $20 Website,

Comments and Reviews

newbbbj Clock 01/07/2017

By Foui Honestly, did not see her GFE and good girl continue to bed and she gave a good catbath and AR out of the world. After this good 10 minutes continue to BBBJ and boy! Boobs: The perfect size (but please be gentle as to bite her so hard) but still gentle touches have been introduced for the CEO job by Eddie Murphy, who left before playing with bananas. Chest: 7/10 cup B, Tongue action: 7/10, French kiss and suck suck Huggability: 9/10 no stress, French kissing neck, Frenching: 8/10 Got chemistry with her, we are French, like a long lost lover, GFE gives maximum GFE: 8/10, almost like my ex-gf, no sense of commercial

newbbbj Clock 25/06/2017

fr Name: BBB83 Age: 21 year Stats: 36C’24’34 Height: 164 CM 📞📞📞 🍒🍒!☆ Not only beautiful style, Your face is very beautiful! can not believe that She 21 years old, it has an atmosphere of adults, It is a very attractive woman. Youth and firmly care of your skin is pure white! is a charming smile and looks good she will take you to the pleasure that makes you overwhelming with a superb body. The time spend with her will surely be special. ☆ ★…!♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪❤。

newbbbj Clock 29/05/2017

By noey I just moved to work. Singapore Today I booked her. The first time i booked It takes a very easy talk. Book it to her place. Meet her stand I'm very excited To see her I impressed her very beautiful and charming, she has a perfect proportions Thank you very much, I will be back again. Service Speak-english:she has english very skill good Face:Cute Body:perfect Boob:big Skin:Fair&smooth BBBJ:her make it so good Cim:she not shy make it face Kissing:so sweet Room:Clean&Private Hotel:Safe

newbbbj Clock 28/05/2017

By Leandro As promised, this girl is a gem I booked her, I ask her a good GFE session, give more than make up for it. Walk to bed and continue with the catbath watching the cfm. She really pulls you while she licked all over you and bbbj you. We started frenching each other and it was like kissing a girlfriend. We played around for a while before she covered me with her mouth, stood up and sat with me, my cock sinking into her wet pussy, warm, er, all in all cases, you got money just call her. You will not regret it pledges. Boobs: 8/10 big and stable BBBJ: 8/10 AV girls licking style Frenching: 8/10 yes BBBj: 7/10 GF Slow Feeling and CIM Skin 8/10 fair / smooth skin, white girl must be jealous of her. Breast: 8/10 see cup shape good little pinky nipple

newbbbj Clock 27/05/2017

By Enzo After dinner I and my gal decided to walk 1.5 km down to find her for fun. I started to touch her pussy when it was done, and she was wet soon Oh really I asked for 2 shots and so I asked her bbbj me for the first time I love her expression when my cock is her Fully within Im planning on booking my other room with the cat as I feel that she deserves to be a RTF. Boobs: 7/10 B + I think .. BBBJ: 9/10 the best !!!!! !! Body 8/10 Very fair and smooth skin. The image of the licking cat cream comes to the bottom of the company. 8/10 bath. She slides her body around the mine. The best part was when she ground her firm butt with my dick until I nearly exploded. Atttitude 8.5 / 10, very gracious

newbbbj Clock 24/05/2017

By gear Thank you for accepting reservations here. And very fast, it's so cool. My place is very close to her. When I agreed to book her, so I went to her place. When I saw her awake, she was beautiful and very sexy Eyeball Her proportions are perfect The service was very impressed. Thank you very much. Service Face:nice & very cute Friendly:very good Body:perfect & sexy Boob:Big Cim:her make it happy not shy in face Bbbj:perfect make it great Kiss:So sweet Room:very big & private

newbbbj Clock 24/05/2017

By Leroy She has a nasty appearance Actress Shouichi on a good level, her sexy lips and seductive eyes are charming. She is an avid girl, she wants me to start FJ ... I say Loh ok .. i ask her to be on top ... where she agrees ... I automatically roam and kiss her French while she is Working hard on my stick, giving her some tips for a 'good date', says because she likes me. Yes and i really 'Hope so! AR 7/10 I asked her to skip this department because she chose to carry AR with a condom inserted through her tongue ... BBBJ: 8.5 / 10 tender soft, taking her time Body: 8/10 Slim Girl: 7/10 soft, just happy to hold very comfortable. Catbath: 7/10 shouting French kiss 7/10 passionate and involved ... we were burnt while we locked lips and tongue

newbbbj Clock 23/05/2017

By Quinto One thing anyone can ask for. The first time her English completely There was no communication problem, she also knew little, it was an interesting conversation, and we gently hugged each other, started to wake up, and she went to the BBBJ second after a little bit of attention. Full, she wears a hat and I signal that I need a dog for this round. I pumped her real well, and she was again at the hymn away and enjoying the thrust. It led to a very good climax. Body: 7/10 She is on the plump side. You in her skills Boobs: 7/10 Really big and soft girl Not too much to my liking. But still possible. BBBJ: 7.5 / 10 Although a bit short, she got a good BBBJ IMHO. Frenching: 9/10 Yes, she initiated it in my case. GFE: I will score as high as here. She gave me her full attention throughout the holding of the hand with hugs and kisses. Have a boyfriend fanfriend feel when im with her.

newbbbj Clock 21/05/2017

By Cisse Ok, finally I got a chance to meet this beautiful lady and decided to give her a good FR after a long time. I would say that she is a very easy lady, can tell her shy, we talk in Mandarin, until we switch to talk in Malay! She is a damn fun to be with, like a girl fucking u picked up online. Very reserved very kind, very reserved, I thought she was new, u know the deal, she sucked my knees, positioning with my cock in her face, changed the position, and I law down and she slid between my legs and began to suck. All hands on deck! Combo mouth 2 hand balls deep in her mouth twist all this twisting in 10mins. Action: 8.5 / 10 Petite, lightweight, flexible for many dog ​​positions. Moaning France: 9/10 kisser gentle and time to fight tongue Bbbj: 8/10 really good BBBJ right amt sucked tongue and deep throat everything GFE: 8/10 smiles and feels like a non-commercial GF. Just like the long gone FB

newbbbj Clock 20/05/2017

fr Name: BBB77 Age: 21 year Stats: 35C’24’35 Height: 166 CM 📞📞📞 🍒🍒 Slender and outstanding style Superb beauty newcomer has entered! It is! How! Bilingual lady! English is also fluent! ☆ With a slender of 46 kg in weight, the shape, tightness, Both are perfect C cup beautiful breasts ♪ Skin is fine skin irrespective of where you touch ☆ The atmosphere filled with obedient character and cleanliness has nothing to be bothered, Very good impression ♪ A great transformation ♪ to a nasty woman just caressing a little like a sensitive constitution ♪ Please fully enjoy her as a totally different person ☆ I definitely recommend it !!☆

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