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BigloveNAME: BMW.T










$ 120


SERVICE All CIM = Come-In-Mouth+ AR = Arse/Ass Rimming 69 + LTR + GFE + COB+ DFK + FJ + Kissing +BBBJ +Massage +Oral sex + Toys. + Painting. +Bathing,& etc…

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Open daily from 7 am to night 4am. every day






+65 9395-2930,+659120-1998


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💋💋 wait you will see Me create something special from your encounter. 💖 PRICE DAMAGE $120/1 shot /45 min $170/2 shot /90min (CIM Come-In-Mouth) Overnight: $400/3 /7 Hrs (Inclusive Of Condom & Room) Out call plus $ 100 From price tag. & $50 taxi fares if you refuse.

Comments and Reviews

losoosoo Clock 15/12/2017

By Cony I'm here! If you like small, compact and have excellent service. Bright eyes and sharp features. Originating from Chiang Mai, she has a generally small Thai brown. She has long hair that touches her waist. Climbing on the bed and I began to lick every inch of her small frame, she was trimming the bush, no odor or strange taste in her pussy. The sensation of her BBBJ with me was similar to High quality instant melt and natural FJ 7/10 She is tight and willing to try multiple positions. I like her best cowgirl, both up / down pounding, as well as crush those Shiok movements while she pounds you. Voice 7/10 moaned, I came in part because of her enthusiastic hymn to tell if it was real and not pretend. Boobs 7/10 Natural B Center Cup with Brown Nipple Beef and soft tofu to lick and suck. GFE 7/10 good, can improve perhaps

laksaboy Clock 03/12/2017

hi Laksaboy is back online now !! come visit new website . hope bro can support us again

losoosoo Clock 03/12/2017

By Marlenne Warm feeling The love of this small and compact girl. He will raise her with one hand. Continue to the bathtub to have a nice shower like a baby being washed by a good nurse to be out there. Make sure you are clean .... then proceed to bed and have a cat bath. good We took a short nap, lightly petted each other of the body .. Then she made me go around, I lay on my back and she gave me a massage .. thank you for arranging this wonderful bintang. Body 8/10 Well-shaped and well maintained 8/10 Soft Hand Massage Soft FJ 8/10 A good hymn after bonking while knowing that she is still enjoying the process, just a doggy style and missionary. Hyunjoong 7/10 good view Other services please check with her.

losoosoo Clock 30/11/2017

She is beautiful and precious, she has a great personality, she is very charming, she has fallen and love to spend time with her, accept that not disappointed, and I have a very good feelings for her. Look:Sexy 8.5/10 Skin:White & smooth 8/10 Friendly:Yes 10/10 Very good Kissing:Yes Very good 8/10 Cim:Like that 8/10 Anal:Yes 8/10 perfect

losoosoo Clock 30/11/2017

By Maddie She has a friendly attitude and goes on a small talk with enthusiasm. The shower is sustained without any operation. The operation starts on the bed with a very good catbath with her massage because she uses her knees and elbows ..... very painful but relaxing at the same time FR She who pokes her ass will share the story that I will be jealous. AR barely feelable GFE 5/10 mouth to mouth kiss But is willing to do anything else the most. BBBJ 9/10 AMAZING will use her tongue, lips and deep throat. Simulatenously skilled FJ 8/10 She is accomodating in position and she has tight pussy.

losoosoo Clock 27/11/2017

By Ann Feel that she has committed. Intend to service She did it quite well. I know in her talent. I am very happy Hope that this thread It's an option for you to decide. Look:Sexy 8.5/10 Skin:White 8/10 Eye:Pretty grown eye Kiss:Yes so sweet 8/10 Massage:Yes 10/10 like that Cim:Yes 7/10 not bad Bbbj:Happy 8/10 Room:Clean 10/10

losoosoo Clock 11/11/2017

By Tt she has the good body But then it felt like ahhhh took 1 1/2 hours and came it was HJ straight but resigned. Good schoolboy gave you hyun joong good time overall good experience. like she friendly very much Look:beautiful 8/10 Friendly:Yes good 8.5/10 Body:Very nice 8.5/10 Boob:Big 8/10 BBBJ: 8/10 Excellent sucking and tongue-in-cheek skills frenching: 8/10 wet and sloppy almost finish

losoosoo Clock 28/10/2017

By Edmunda Start a new topic for this wonderful newborn. Massage this weekend and have a good experience that we are happy with it. .. as an experience to have her sex with a skirt. In the most hilarious time I've ever had, he finally cries out for a strong man to work with knots in his shoulders enough to at least make his time fun. BBBJ 7/10 really enjoyed her bbbj while she was quite skilled at it. Positive points: Ask me if you want her to still blow my hair or move on to FJ, even if she already gave me a long bbbj. Frenching 8/10 only lighters for me, maybe because the first awit awkward, then did not really break the ice. BBBJ 5.5 / 10 FJ 7/10 Frenching Yes

losoosoo Clock 27/10/2017

By Christeena Well, let me be the first to write a little. From my small physical experience, she is going back to dancing back in Pattaya so she has a good figure. She looks good and almost like a photo just that she looks better than the picture. Those eyes are filled with excitement. BBBJ: Get it in the shower !! Woots! And half way down she went to the BBBJ Haha, and then talked about this ABIT and where and before that was the real ice breaker! France 7/10 I did not really start so no frenching for me today. But instead of quick pecking, lighting and kissing. BBBJ 8/10 I love it CIM Yes, each time after hard sex, I grabbed her nipple position, she had sex as it rubbed hard until my cum ... in a hardcore way she loved it. Catbath 7/10 It was ok, SOP except she lingered really long at my nipple ha ha

losoosoo Clock 26/10/2017

By Fuchia When I first met her in a hotel room, we immediately clicked. Somehow, there is a chemistry between us, little quotes, exchanges, horrific curses, and starts to attack her milk cups. My hand went down and touched her finger. Your voice is like crying like that. I know she has a good time. Then here she goes and I we both come to Mt. Everest at the summit, plus in almost every position, and she just moan and moan. Finally, the feathers and the left are the ones that are satisfied. FJ 7/10 very good attitude and groan groan. BBBJ 8/10 Do not stop you licking AR 6.5 / 10 ok, there are quite a few better ones. Gfe 6.5 / 10 ok quite ... the talking character

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