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AJ + AR - Licking Anal + BBBJ + Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal HJ (Hand job) + Finger Fuck + Kissing With Tongues + Lesbian DFK = Deep french + Toys + 69 sex style + Massage + CIM COB = Come-On-Body + FJ - Fuck + LTR = Long term Relationship

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About NAME: NB147

(ღ Info: NB147ღ) 🍒🍒White skin! Cheerful 'big rookie ♪ beautiful, clear and smooth eyes🍒🍒 RATES DAMAGE $100/30 min/1 shots $170/90 min/2 shots Can made (CIM) $400/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots (Inclusive Of Room And Condom) RATES OUT CALL $200/30 min/1 shots $270/90 min/2 shots $500/Overnight /7 Hrs/ 3 shots Payment in advance $50 & If you cancel, $50 fee for outcall service SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Tuesdays - Thursdays Discount $10 Saturday - Sunday $20. Discount $20 Website,

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Here is my favorite xxx vid Clock 11/07/2017

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newbbbj Clock 03/05/2017

By Barry Fortunately, when I found a hidden gem, she climbed up with me, hugged my head down on her chest, then hit my head and frenched me again as I came back to fight to grab her tight. She pushed me to ask. I will wait for her to be putting her legs on FJ's bed ... Feel so good and she can think of that kind of paperwork those bonking innocent, shy girl, good fancy CIM, she enjoys giving BBBJ and she gives me slow Then finish Her hand Which is good enough for me Boobs 7/10 Cup BBBJ: 7/10 smooth and sensual with proper touch and very good sucking technique and even some Frenching 9/10: Passionate and horny! Very good and skilled, deep and prolonged, fighting the tongue, which is deep and clay and mind you, she really kissed and wet and our liquid was all mixed together. Overall, the material is loved by somebody, your imagination, snow white, her skin white, and a large natural milk.

newbbbj Clock 08/04/2017

By Phry She really took her time to stroke my didi and we had a really long and kisses!! she is really a gd kisser, After massage I was so tired and skip the bbbj part ask her to cap me on and go for FJ straight away. Fuck her straight , so she put on some KY....ok BBBJ 7/10 was okay. Fingering : 8/10 Allowed for me... Body: 7/10 Fair and very tight Pussy: 7.0/10 normal viet.. GEF : 8/10 nice n friendly, no rushing talkative

newbbbj Clock 29/03/2017

By vcop She could give a good massage. Want good with BBBJ. We then start to rest for 10 mins for bbbj as we took our individual bath. went down to sucking and licking her nipple. Then finally end with cowgirl again. Her pussy just accommod ative. finally unload in the same position... too. Look: 7.5/10 (Sweet ) Body: 7.5/10 (smooth) Boobs: 8/10 (very firm) FJ: 7/10 (wet and really tight) BBBJ: 7/10 (hard to explain my feeling here good good!) GFE: 10/10 (Yes, yes!)

newbbbj Clock 16/03/2017

By vcxo I was very happy. I like style BBBJ her. We started in a bathroom is new and strange emotions back facing me and pounding Big Boy into that tight little pussy. Good Luck and Thank you again ! Looks 7.5/10 model look sweet looking Body : 7/10 Her sense of dress was very sexy Boobs: 8/10 my cup BBBJ : 7/10 sound and good suction FJ 7/10 Any positions soft and gentle GFE : 10/10 I would have given herWant good with BBBJ.

newbbbj Clock 16/03/2017

fr Name: BJ107 Age: 22 year Stats: 37C’24’34 Height: 165 CM 📞📞📞 🍒🍒Excellent charm with a clear eyes impressive! Erotic pretty newcomer has entered! Baby ‘s cute ~ Looks small and cute full of looks, I want to protect you unintentionally (> _ <) A woman loved by a man of the world with a friendly personality ... ♪ ♪♪❤。

newbbbj Clock 02/01/2017

By aon From singapore I use the service I agree that this is the first book she recorded nine o'clock. I arrived at appointments She agreed Her very punctual Then I paid her, she started kissing me, hugging her and then gradually. Undress me and then we take a shower together. We kiss each other in the bathroom, and then we came up to bed. She is the start of the game, I feel that this woman is very sexy. Thank you, I will find time to come. Service here Even the first time I was impressed with the good. Face: 8/10 Very cute faced girl with a lovely. BBBJ: 7/10 ok Body: 8/10 nice young body. FJ : 7/10 like dead dog in doggy style GFE: 8.5/10 Her english is really basic. Oral sex:yes good

newbbbj Clock 18/12/2016

By Dimitri A session with 2 hours ago. I must say that she has a great attitude. Breasts soft and smooth to the touch and lick, and BJ's is wonderful, skillful, and almost leaves me screaming for more. Told me that she was happy with it. From that time on, she started out as a killer blow. I do not always enjoy a good blowjob by everyone. Missionaries and eventually let the cum out of my doggy. Feel comfortable and good value Catbath: 8/10 and morality FJ: 7.5 / 10 tight that the muscles of her vagina and feel like grabbing my cock. Inch: 7/10 Yes, really wet, wet, wet leakage. BBBJ: 8/10 I love it GFE: 9/10 felt like I was in love again.

newbbbj Clock 12/12/2016

By Victoria Do not regret it for her because she made me fall in love with her, give her to me every day thinking about the night. She was in the bathroom washing my Didi and wash it while she licked my nipples. Bbbj her skills as well as ever she was teasing me and sucked me with a long stride and burst deep lick and suck on my machine spins and twists. She was massaging my dick and balls are sucked her nipples. She then went down and I started BBBJ OMG real fast. You're sure to regret it if you miss. Ensuring a return to Congress. Please treat her gently and with care. Hopefully my experience will make a U see more detailed information about the services you can expect. Thank you for your time and for reading FR. FJ: 9/10 riding skills with a wonderful young bull and heifer back. French kiss: - 8/10, I wanted to kiss and kiss on the neck. BBBJ 8/10 of a power vacuum that the first shots in her little mouth. Painting: 8.5 / 10 natural Sex: 7/10 as a sniper marksman could be done now, and acted long before the first shot.

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