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$ 120


CIM = Come-In-Mouth+ AR = Arse/Ass Rimming 69 + LTR + GFE + COB+ DFK + FJ + Kissing +BBBJ +Massage +Oral sex + Toys. + Painting. +Bathing,& etc…

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Open daily from 7 am to night 4am. every day






+65 9395-2930,+659120-1998


About Name: QQ.5

🌸🌸 Hi i proportion with good balance 🌸🌸 PRICE DAMAGE $120/1 shot /45 min $160/2 shot /90min (CIM Come-In-Mouth) Overnight: $400/3 /7 Hrs (Inclusive Of Condom & Room) Out call plus $ 100 From price tag. & $50 taxi fares if you refuse.

Comments and Reviews

losoosoo Clock 07/09/2017

By Barbaroux For the first time in a brothel, consider a good place. She bathed for me, wanting to do all the GFE work. Well, actually, Heheh now can not block me so quickly left the automatic hand roam her nipples. Shiok, feels like an AV moment, followed by AR. Her tongue is a miracle. Then she went up on BBBJ, so I outta this world .. she would lick my didi, I shed a lot lol Girl 7/10 Good to see but can not touch Catbath 5/10 She bites the nipple 5/10 Piano Massage BBBJ 8/10 good sucking and licking

losoosoo Clock 06/09/2017

By Barbaroux The best image I have tasted has occupied. An hourglass shaped figure with curves in the right place. Book an hour with a girl named Crystal after she introduced her self. She is a little girl with a memorable experience together, I will give a satisfying visit, my knees will shake and I will go to bed that night and have a pleasant dream. I also say that if you get to say BBBJ, I must admit to this kind of anticipation that something might happen. France kisses 8/10, very passionate and engaging ... while her soft lips plump, warm and moist, she engages me. Very 8/10 bath cat, plus a good and complete coverage of my body ... her tongue is die-hardened ... wet, smooth and senusous ... Woahhhh !! AR 7/10 stimulated a lot indeed! She made this department while I was on my leg. 7/10 good experience for two

losoosoo Clock 03/09/2017

By Dajim Hey, my friend is a regular customer here. Today I will confirm that they are very good service. She is beautiful and has a cute look, her sexy personality is very good, service all impressed, their bedroom is. Clean and very private. Look:beautiful 8.5/10 BBBJ: 7/10 Very good if you want to. Good and sucking lick of balls and SERVICE69: 10/10Yes made by returining with her favor. Frenching: 9/10 She can give without any problems. I give her tongue a try if she wants to know her power! Fingers: 9 / 10Starting I'm wearing with only one finger and a damn tight so I slowly proceed and start to speed up and she is shy and fun. France: YES very good FriendlyYes very good 10/10

losoosoo Clock 02/09/2017

Bytroo Mom told me that she wanted to know where to start, and we wanted to give her 10 minutes to sleep from having sex uninterruptedly. Ball and turkey Boobs: 7/10 B + Tits are quite good. Pussy: 7/10 beautiful BBBJ: Grade 8/10 inspection Frenching: 9/10 to me I like the tongue M'sia MP kind of work anywhere behind me Catbath: 7/10 So pay special attention.

losoosoo Clock 18/08/2017

By Yukimura Last week I received a message line from my previous trip. The first impression was that she wore all the white clothes with shorts and sneakers. She is a petite woman and I think where to go to drink. Shower SOP is a regular thorouh and clean, dry yourself and lying in bed. She comes to the top, I tot to start with a normal catbath nah she straight to my cock ... I got a 'surprise cock' she sucked until a bit hard and started to deepthroat I actually had a hard rock in the trunk. My neck is tight, OMFG is tightly fucked into her muscles, I'm going in deep, slow and hard as I need to feeel every single moment while fucking and frenching until I feel like I'm cum. Shape: good shape, no stretch marks Boobs: Big or Small Company Massage: 8/10 One of the best massage I have received from Florida! The last 1 was quite a long time ago ... you will be in for a long while .. Love: Hyun Joong: When bbbj FJ: 8.5 / 10 BBBJ: 8/10 Suffice it with enough feeling to make it really hard !!! Along with the licking OMG !!! CIM provided

losoosoo Clock 11/08/2017

By Blanc I have an interesting topic to discuss. How do you overcome the situation when you are in stable love, or the woman ends up having sex? She starts to lick my nipples and then move down with her tongue over me. She is really good at the task of tongue. The BJ is good with a strong sucking, it is BJ wet, adjusting her pussy, still wet, cursing into my cock, I can see each pump up and down, dripping her pussy down on my body. Her breasts bigger and lower. For a look, try her beautiful and good service. Well done: D Pages: 9/10 Very light, made up very beautiful and look a lot nicer than the images shown on the site. Body: 7/10 smooth white Catbath: 7/10 Ass Edge: 9/10 Boob: 9/10 Big and Natural Must try for a stupid lover.

newbbbj Clock 09/08/2017

By CriticalBlow Quite strange. Always looking away And when she looked at me, she would come from the corner of her eye. Her Hyun Joong is a very good BBBJ. She is one of the best experiences I've ever had to get a good, stable butt and suffle breast. Catbath, even your feet and around the armpit AR 'Upgrade' in Playing her face, hehe, and being BBBJ TM, her teasers are really visually enjoying lol. Frenching: 8/10 yes and very wet BBBJ: 7/10 deep throat with lots of tongue action Body: 7/10 Sort of thin meat But enough to satisfy the nipple lover. GFE: 7/10 Minimal mouth to mouth kiss BBBJ: 7/10 Nice suck, but still use a little bit of teeth.

losoosoo Clock 08/08/2017

By hkin Try to see This is my pure opinion. What can be done so using myself to work, I stimulated her pussy again and she answered again. I insert my finger and check her pussy very well and she will feel moving showing different signs of stimulation. She asked me to enter so after a quick posture, I slowly inserted my dick in some careful scrubbing to make sure the distribution was good. She contracted again and told the killer character. Shower: 7/10 Clean up your standards Attitude: 7/10 She will serve you the truth to try! FJ: 6.5 / 10 tight but need more styles. GFE: 8.5 / 10 Just like doing with a girlfriend, first blush some. But can feel hungry for sex

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