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$ 120


CIM = Come-In-Mouth+ AR = Arse/Ass Rimming 69 + LTR + GFE + COB+ DFK + FJ + Kissing +BBBJ +Massage +Oral sex + Toys. + Painting. +Bathing,& etc…

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Open daily from 7 am to night 4am. every day






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About NAME: SIA.5

💘 If you are a man who want a quality companion You will not regret it ! 💥 PRICE DAMAGE $120/1 shot /45 min $160/2 shot /90min (CIM Come-In-Mouth) Overnight: $400/3 /7 Hrs (Inclusive Of Condom & Room) Out call plus $ 100 From price tag. & $50 taxi fares if you refuse.

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Tokyo Escort Massage Clock 17/02/2018

We deliver the highest quality Japanese erotic massage services to your door Please call us or access our website to schedule our service. Our massage includes massage to testicles, lymphatic massage and so on. After achieving the ultimate brain orgasm, our beautiful Japanese therapists give blowjob services. Of course customers can ejaculate and enjoy the sweet erotic moments with favorite Japanese girl's. Of course, customers can enjoy bath-time with our Japanese masseuse's by using plenty of massage lotion. Why don’t you spend a sweet erotic night in Japan with Japanese young girls? open 14:00 pm to 5:30 am Phone : +81-3-5944-9809 ※Dollar, Euro, Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar etc available. Other currencies also be available, so please contact us for more information.

laksaboy Clock 18/12/2017

Laksaboy Forum is back online now !! come visit new website . Welcome all Bro free to post and share it, hope bro can Support us Again, Together we will make Laksaboy one of the Best Adult forum in Singapore

losoosoo Clock 26/11/2017

By Top Best wishes I would like to share the experience gained from her. Accept that it is in a very good direction. She is beautiful and quality. Pay attention to every detail. Time is with you, it's worth it. And very happy Thanks again Look:Pretty girl 8/10 Skin:White & smoth 8.5/10 Ass:Nice&Big 8.5/10 Body:Sexy 8/10 Boob:Big 8/10 Cim:Like it 8/10 Kissing:Yes so sweet 10/10 Room:Clean 10/10

losoosoo Clock 26/11/2017

By Kingsley It is part of the eyes and the beauty of the eyes and the beauty of the eyes. Lips thin, thin lips, her long legs are her best bet. But the choice is limited to Furama. Now I am happy about her body, friendly attitude and service. The only complaint is the long wait time as there may be 2. Breast 8/10 She thinks he is real and I look really real to me. BBBJ 7.5 / 10 for children with normal pain ... FJ 7/10. She is willing to serve three forms, such as the Cowgal, the missionary and the dog. AR 7/10 on my fourth day, licking wet with nail techniques Shiok!

losoosoo Clock 22/11/2017

By Aleshia She is very playful after bathing. She skips to bed playing face before the session starts. I turned to her and began to HJ me after a while as she climbed on the massage bed and pushed her pussy to my face, 69 style in my mind, I was hoping she would give me my BJ. Come on after some time, I finger her tight pussy wet her doggy, but too tired and I load all came out after a good 5 minutes. BBBJ 8/10 tongue licking with some good sucking action, but will get longer to stimulate this mature chicken before FJ. 7/10 clean pussy Ass 7/10 fun view Pussy 7/10 loose and wet during use. FJ 8/10 stood on the bed to drill her from behind, curled her down for the dog and finished off in a missionary with her legs raised high.

losoosoo Clock 21/11/2017

By Jancis Last night and a damn good session was getting such room by her during the wait, about 10 minutes before she came. When opening the door was surprised by her sweet look BBBJ at the shower. As I was afraid of the cold, I was not too enthusiastic in BBBJ in the shower, while Wang Shen soap washed away in my body. I took her to the bedroom while engaging in frenching passion. Book her at the right time and make me get the kind of top notch service. frenching 9/10 Sibeh fascinated frenching from her chemistry with her while she was BBBJ 8/10 makes me go to heaven, while very well as a professional, I think can open a little offline. Ass 7/10 Good and Hesky FJ 9/10 how she turned around and gave a CFM face.

losoosoo Clock 20/11/2017

By Audie Had a visitor last week of her and can confirm that she is young. The door was closed, we hugged and passionately frenched as if I had a hot date with partners. She rubbed my dick while I squeezed her breasts. We just can not stop frenching! She plundered me into my birthday dress while I peeled her sexy sexy tightening suit out, happy lips, thick pussy, literally flower like a flower under my interest. 9/10 attitude. Very friendly and friendly attitude since coming into the room. 8/10 Bath Shower Cath will soap you..In a bit of talk and cuddling chat AR 6.5 / 10 She uses KY to massage my dick while doing AR. She is eager to learn and learn quickly, she says she's really new here. BBBJ 7/10 She is heavily supportive and performs a BBBJ sensation with a lot of hand-twisting action, her head left and right.

losoosoo Clock 17/11/2017

By Demetrice From the wash like normal. I know she will be able to kiss good hygiene ok i'm fine Licked her tits a few times, she needed a lid on it. Regular vacuum treatment and suddenly I realized that the tire was on. Good skills like David Copperfield. She helped her pussy cunt. She asked me to stay on top and that was the only position with different styles. Then start the operation ... accomodating a lot ...... BJ ... suckling wow thanks for sharing Shower 8/10 playful Some 6/10 body and happy BBBj 5.5 / 10 starting with BB u Kiss 9/10 skiok, kisses France BBBJ 9/10 Good skill

losoosoo Clock 16/11/2017

By Farin Delicate, calm, slightly demure, slightly adult, looking narrow face shape, sharp nose, eyelid eyelids, double eyelashes, synthetic ... long hair, smooth skin, slightly belly, eyesight, the neck is a bit short. Her bottom was tight and the company pink pussy bright and happy. Her ass was bent and the firm with a nice cushion as my pelvis was hitting rapidly and harshly into her curved landing. The rest is history. ... I think this girl should be # 1 to try her out the next time. I think it's worth the bucks to satisfy my clients. Pussy 7/10 Good Hair Pussy Just left the bar link. Of course it's my erotic look ... the abalone look ... I can wait to savor it, the moment I have the opportunity ... AR 7/10 very stimulating and AR ensembles with hand action on my butt. Frenching 8/10 cute ""little tongue"" try her and you will know what i Fj 8.5 / 10 tight and wet pussy and natural moanings and great charm, I got a few positions and she

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