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$ 170


SERVICE All CIM+AJ = Come-In-Mouth+ AR = Arse/Ass Rimming 69 + LTR + GFE + COB+ DFK + FJ + Kissing +BBBJ +Massage +Oral sex + Toys. + Painting. +Bathing,& etc…

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Open daily from 7 am to night 4am. every day






+65 9395-2930,+659120-1998


About SANI.T

💘 Cute sexy talk because it is friendly to everyone. 💥 PRICE DAMAGE $120/1 shot /45 min $170/2 shot /90min (CIM Come-In-Mouth + AJ) Overnight: $400/3 /7 Hrs (Inclusive Of Condom & Room) Out call plus $ 100 From price tag. & $50 taxi fares if you refuse.

Comments and Reviews

laksaboy Clock 03/12/2017

hi Laksaboy is back online now !! come visit new website . hope bro can support us again

losoosoo Clock 12/11/2017

By Marlenne Opening the door was pleasantly surprised by her sweet appearance. Let her in. Start talking to her so she feels comfortable. OMG Haha, ha ha, I can feel that she was really enjoying it, started her finger, and she gets wet and moans more. Stop and ask her to work with my little brother BBBJ is good and hard to feel deeply sucked. Sir, too much FJ started with me on top and I really enjoyed groaning and roaring. yours She and I have to say that .. She is very service oriented. Ass 7/10 BBBJ 8/10 Very Good GFE 8/10 We chat over an hour. Shower 7/10 SOP shower with standard Her GFE 7/10 GFE is very good, she can

losoosoo Clock 10/11/2017

By Jayne Pretty young and charming girl with a touch. After a quick massage, she asked if I needed extra. Our chemistry is pretty good. This is what I remember from our first encounter. Her forehead with a light brown nipples to hang free. Service is good and really strong. GFE may make me able to speak Thai. Boobs 6/10 cups of natural but nipple felt chaved may be too suck. France 6/10 Well, but the lips are the same as the nipple ... Chaved and moisturizing needs. Bbbj 6/10 feel that teeth and some are too aggressive for my liking. Action Shower 7/10 Fore-Play Bedroom 8/10

losoosoo Clock 07/11/2017

By Galen Wow, my eyes almost fell to the ground, she was one of the best girls I have seen in my life. A short catbath before she went to BJ BJ's capped. She lasted 3 minutes. After putting myself in position again, she gave me a gift from God. Let me kiss long and have love before we step out of the room. 6.5 / 10 cups a little belly, but still considered compact. Massage 6.5 / 10 Good effort n massage, but lack of technique. BJ 6/10 soft Fj 7/10 hard work, naturally moan and wet easily.

losoosoo Clock 07/11/2017

By Dorien Those who have contacted her if you have tried her services, please report and compare notes. Thanks, while rubbing her milk and playing with her nipples, after 5 minutes of her mouth she came in violently and was twisted in happiness. She told me that I was a licker expert! Wow! Then she put on a condom and told me to have her sex with me on top. I will visit again soon. Petite body Ass 8/10 good for dogs. Pussy 8/10 tight, maybe I could be her client. FJ 10/10 excellent fucked twice, raw times GFE 9/10 Deep French kisses throughout the abundance of laughter and smiles.

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